Trump Rejoins The Establishment (SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT!)

Trump is already selling out his supporters. No more self-funding. He needs to raise a billion dollars to run for president and he’s building an organization to do so. Trump will be bought and paid for just like the other crooked politicians.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd.. he’s hunting for a vice presidential candidate who is a professional (establishment) politician. Seems like he’s tossing out all the principles that made him an ‘outsider’. The republicans should have just nominated Bush.

Trump has been making so many compromises. Maybe instead of building a wall between Mexico and the US, he’ll put up a badminton net.

I Want The Deal but Mr. Beelze Doesn’t Return My Calls!

Apple gave the FBI the key to break into the San Bernadino iPhone. In return, the FBI falsely reported that they got the key from an “outside source”. This way, Apple doesn’t look like it backed down from the Feds who know about the pact Steve Jobs made with Satan.

Re-Animate TROTSKY for the U.S. Supreme Court!

In January 2017, when a Democratic president is sworn in, and a Democratic congress is convened, who better to nominate to the Supreme Court than the greatest progressive political figure of all time: Leon Trotsky, the late Russian revolutionary.

Stalin kicked Trotsky out of Russia because he was TOO LIBERAL. Then, in 1940 , Soviet agents assassinated him in Mexico. Our first problem, and this is a biggie. we must resurrect Leon Trotsky. This is complicated by the fact that he was cremated.

After he is made whole once again, it’s pretty smooth sailing. We have to sneak him into the United States. Since he will be one of three people ever resurrected from the dead, the other two being Lazarus and Jesus, I foresee Trotsky gaining INSTANT citizenship. How could the US government deny this to a man so unique? The man’s been dead for eighty years. He can clear up many questions regarding life after death. Being one of the founders of the Communist party, Trotksy was a stone atheist. If nothing else, he will have many fascinating stories about the people he met in Hell.

I don’t know if Trotsky would ever actually serve on the Court, but his nomination, his re-appearance on Earth the re-shuffling of his mortal coil, will cause monumental dislocation of our social, political, economic, and moral order. Think of the commercial possibilities: Trotsky dolls, lunch boxes. t-shirts, belt buckles, lingerie.

Obviously Scalia was murdered. The culprit was a Mexican prostitute who occasionally assassinates important world leaders.  After all, she is a single mother who can’t make ends meet with just one job.

Scalia’s friend procured the hooker for the judge’s enjoyment. When she took one look at his disgusting body, she dispatched him before performing any service.  With a shot of Amazing Amazon Jungle Juice  stuck in his ass, Judge Scalia was swept off this planet on a lovely pinkish-green cloud.

Who paid for the hit? Hillary? Obama? El Champo? Doesn’t matter. I know who was behind the whole thing.

Mister Clean.

People wonder about who really rules the world.  Who makes nations rise and fall. Who makes some people rich and others poor schnooks. I figured this out years ago.  He’s been staring us in the face for all this time. That pristine white shirt, the androgynous ear ring, the slick bald head and especially that wondrous pine scent that makes the world smell so shiny and new. Until filthy, rotten people mess it up!

One day, Mr Clean scrubbed down a unusually stinky bathroom.  He was tired and dirty. A crow dropped a fat turd on his bald head.. That night he happened to read Scalia’s opinion on DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA vs HELLER and exclaimed “I never read such bullshit in my life” and he sent out the word:

“Bring me the head of Antonin Scalia. A photograph is acceptable”

A Mexican prostitute named Xetacqux “got the button”. She did it all. She shot the Judge up with the spit of the Sammy the Bull Shark for $1,000,000.

God, I wasn’t supposed to tell any of this to anybody!

Why do black people tolerate drug gangs operating within their communities?

The predatory urban street gangs are the source of death and misery within black communities. They supply prisons with black inmates and graveyards with black corpses. The gangs oppress blacks far more the “white power structure”, but I hear nary a peep against them from BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, President Obama, or anyone else. I hear exhortations to children to “stay of drugs” and “keep away from the gangs”, but nothing along the lines of “bust up the gangs”

Can someone explain that to me?

Donald Trump Loves MOST Veterans

Trump LOVES the veterans but not all of them. He does not like those who were captured. Like John McCain. To Trump, John McCain is not a war hero:

“He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, OK?”

If Donald had fought in the war, no way would he have been captured. Because Donald Trump is a winner.

So former prisoners of the North Vietnamese: Donald Trump does not like you.

Does he thinks you’re losers?

SEXSLAVE.COM PROFILE: “A few words about me”

SWM from Texas:

Introduction: The End Is Nigh

I am 8’11, 987 pounds. I said extra padding and that’s how I look at it. However, my intelligence both delights and exasperates people. Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t been murdered.

My conversation is witty and profound. although if you want to ask me in to your house after a date, we’ll need to install steel re-enforced furniture and you really should live on the ground floor.

Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but sex with me is difficult but not impossible. it takes a little patience on your part. Just give me 24 hours notice before the assignation.

I am a bit on the wealthy side; not one of your 1% billionaires, but I could fly to Paris this afternoon, stay in a five star hotel and have a wonderful time. Don’t factor this in your decision to date me.

What do I mean “the end is nigh”? God told me ten years ago the exact date the world is going to end. Why he picked me, I”ll never know. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when. That will spoil the surprise.

Hillary, No

If Bernie Sanders fails to get even one of his proposals passed, he will still be a better president than HRC. I used to work at a secure facility and if I copied top secret documents to my personal computer, I would still be sitting in Leavenworth.

I think HRC has character flaws that disqualify her for the presidency. She lies when she has nothing to gain from it, she has major entitlement issues, her relationship with her husband tells me she willingly trades her dignity and self-respect to gain power. It’s not as if she suffers humiliation because she has a powerful message that needs to be heard. She just wants to be the first woman POTUS. She reminds me of Richard Nixon and if she becomes president, I can see her sharing the same fate.