Dump On Trump

When are Trump’s opponents going to zero in on his biggest weakness? Whenever he is criticized about the tiniest thing, he puffs his chest out, whines, pouts, cries “unfair” – he is very childish. Those running against him should attack him as harshly and as often as he does them. Forget the high road stuff.… Read More Dump On Trump

Conspiracy In Plain Sight

Figured it out yet? Last night at the Cleveland debate, Trump didn’t rule out making an independent run for the White House if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. If he does, he gets votes from the Stupid Americans, but that won’t stop Clinton from winning. If Trump runs an independent campaign, he siphons off enough votes from the GOP to insure Clinton’s… Read More Conspiracy In Plain Sight

Yuk, Yuk, Yucca – Not So Funny Anymore

The North American Yucca Plant Love Association released the following statement: “Recent insensitive remarks made on social media attacking the Yucca have caused deep psychological pain within the Yucca community. Several Yuccas in France deliberately slid off their window sills recently, and fell onto the streets below, making messes for others to clean up. Yuccas have suffered… Read More Yuk, Yuk, Yucca – Not So Funny Anymore