Three weeks of Trump posing as president-by-fluke and I am so disgusted, I am becoming unhinged. Four years of him and America is through. It will take years and years to recover. Revoke a person’s citizenship as a punishment for a crime? If he makes such an idiotic statement after he is inaugurated, that should be enough to impeach him. In fact, let him keep his business relationships as they are. If his company makes a nickel from a foreign government while he’s in office, impeach him and remove him from office.

By the way, he promised after the election he would release his tax returns. Perhaps a patriotic civil servant could be persuaded to leak them.


Sessions, Flynn, Trump. Pence, Bannon: maybe they aren’t the best choices for their jobs, but you gotta admit:these boys can hate. They are real pros about it, too. Get them together, fill their gullets with booze and watch the contempt, disgust, rancor, spite and loathing pour out of them in great, greasy, green globs. They make quite a mess, but it’s fun, like kids playing in the mud. Green, stinking mud.

Democracy Is A Total Disaster!

Trump is against democracy.

So are most of his supporters.

Republicans in general are anti-democracy. They think having more money means they should have more political power. A believer in democracy denies that. Power comes the will of the people. This idea makes Republicans sick: flu-like symptoms in most cases though psychosis is possible. T

Trump voters have been opponents of democracy for years. They can’t buy the idea that all persons are created equal. Millions of people live in a democracy where half of them don’t believe in democracy.

Dear Reactionaries Who Oppose Single Payer Health Plans

Social Security is a socialist government retirement plan. Will you refuse to accept payments from SS when the time comes? OF COURSE, YOU WON’T. “But I put all this money in.” Bullshit. If you are against progressive government social programs you will forfeit the money out of conscience or send that money to your favorite conservative non-profit. You want the government money that you need, but you don’t want others to get help when they need it.

You are hypocrites

If you don’t want to pay into Social Security, start a cash only business and don’t to pay into the program. Or go west and live off the land. Or commit a terrible crime and spend the rest of your life in prison. Better yet, move to a country that has no progressive government programs.. There are numerous third world countries you can choose from.