Justice Entrepreneurs

Note: I wrote this before

NBC showed the gas station bathroom supposedly vandalized by our four Olympic swimmers. It was shocking! The bathroom was clean. Pristine. You could perform a heart transplant in there. Maybe too small for that. Gerbils! Why not? Gerbil has a bad heart you just going to let him die?

My point is – no permanent damage to the bathroom! The toilet maintained it’s structural integrity throughout the whole ordeal. The walls were free of nicks, cracks, discoloration, bumps, HOLES. Even the humble toilet paper fly and cavity was unmolested. Did the owner repair the damage before pictures of the destruction could be transmitted around the world?

The boys made royal drunken asshole of themselves and they were dumb to lie about it. From that point all I see is an old-fashioned police shakedown. One swimmer had to pay $10000 to get his passport back. The money goes to addiction maintenance research.

This I My BLOOD OATH To The Candidacy Of Hillary Clinton

I’ve read that to oppose Trump is an act of treason. A sure ticket to hell. A crime against humanity. A curse upon my family.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: show me a video of Hillary Clinton copulating with a race horse and I’ll still vote for her. Kill me before election day, I shall raise myself from the dead to vote for Hillary Clinton. Throw me in a prison full of sexual predators who lust for 67 year old white men, I will manage to smuggle out an absentee ballot with her name checked.

I believe I made my position clear.

The Trump Sucker Punch – From Whence It Came.

Give every disaffected, angry white voter a high paying, low skill job and the Trump Phenomena will disappear like a fart in the wind. The proletariat will recommit themselves to sports and drinking, leaving government to the educated class as they have in the past.

The American dream had two paths: working your way to a higher class by education and hard work or landing a high paid union job that barely needs a high school education. The latter path disappeared decades ago.

Some of the displaced workers learned a marketable skill. Others got MAD. Rather than venting their anger on the ruling class through revolution, the GOP sought to head off real change: first, by selling snake oil trickle-down economics on the electorate. Second, by setting up straw men like abortion, terrorism, and the legitimate struggles of minorities as targets of fear.

Reagan, tea parties and Trump have exploited these fears, Trump being the latest.

Raising Hell At The Bonfire

Dear Fellow Minions:

I am chairman of the committee planning the rally for Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to be held on September 31st.

We will need 666 infants no older than 6 months old for the ceremony of human sacrifice at the climax of the event.

Blood drawn from each child will be distributed in tiny cups to all in attendance.

The spent carcasses will be tossed on a huge bonfire as Hillary supporters dance naked to heavy metal bands!

So come early ready to give over your soul to Eternal Damnation!

Hail to our Beloved Queen of Darkness. All Hail!

Our Invitation To Visit You.

Carol and I would like to come down next week.  Please be at home when we get there or we’ll have to wait outside your apartment door until you come home.
Waiting for someone to arrive home does have some special needs.  Allow me to make a few simple requests.
First, sitting on the floor will be terribly uncomfortable Do you have a couple moderately padded chairs upon which we can plant ourselves?

Also, we will need several cold drinks to refresh us during our wait. We both like LaCroix *Sparkling* water, either the plain or lemon flavors. You can have them ready in a small refrigerator, if you have one. If not, borrow one from your neighbor, or you could even rent one!

I really don’t want to put you out, but there is the restroom issue. Since we will be sitting in your apartment hallway, I suggest you make out a list of six or seven of your neighbors and apartment numbers so if we have to “go”, we can knock on their doors until the first one answers.

We can’t wait any longer than fifteen hours so if you don’t show up, we’ll have to see you at another time. Both Carol and I are very forgetful so you should leave a little sign like “Please take your cans or bottles with you and place them in the recyclable bin out the front door and to the left.”

I’m sure we will have a delightful visit or wait.. So we’ll see you then or sorry we missed you.
Love, C & M!


The STINK That Never Goes Away

I read Roy Cohn was Donald Trump’s mentor much like Aristotle was Alexander the Great’s. Why does Roy Cohn’s name keeps popping up whenever the black, stinky trouble has erupted in our country? This goes back to Joe McCarthy. Cohn just had a nose for evil goings-on and since he was a proud and masterful “scorched earth lawyer”, he has never lacked work.

People condemn him for his total lack of scruples, but if I had found myself in big trouble back in his time, I would have called him. I’d have to sell an aircraft carrier to hire him.

Who the HELL does this woman think she is?

Clinton’s delivery tonight was more in the moment than I’ve ever seen her and she showed a wider range of emotion.  She’d sympathize with someone’s plight, then describe the action she took to help them, ending in a steely look right through the camera. This is how TOUGH she gets when she’s fighting for someone.  At that point I realized why some people hate her so much.  In a room of, how should I describe them – men – who face this powerful will, her ferocity for people she doesn’t know, thus setting them sooooo far back on their heels their heads nearly bounce off the floor.  What do they say?

“Who the HELL does this woman think she is?”

if I were directing an actress playing Joan of Arc and she expressed uncertainty about her role, I’d advise her, “think of Joan as Hillary Clinton.”  It’s not just that she’s a woman.  She is an exceptionally powerful leader who is way ahead of her time.  Some people admire and appreciate her.  Others… can’t find a place for her in their world view.  So what do they do?  They burn her at the stake: over and over again, even when the futility of this action is so obvious.  She. Won’t. Go. Away.