Who the HELL does this woman think she is?

Clinton’s delivery tonight was more in the moment than I’ve ever seen her and she showed a wider range of emotion.  She’d sympathize with someone’s plight, then describe the action she took to help them, ending in a steely look right through the camera. This is how TOUGH she gets when she’s fighting for someone.  At that point I realized why some people hate her so much.  In a room of, how should I describe them – men – who face this powerful will, her ferocity for people she doesn’t know, thus setting them sooooo far back on their heels their heads nearly bounce off the floor.  What do they say?

“Who the HELL does this woman think she is?”

if I were directing an actress playing Joan of Arc and she expressed uncertainty about her role, I’d advise her, “think of Joan as Hillary Clinton.”  It’s not just that she’s a woman.  She is an exceptionally powerful leader who is way ahead of her time.  Some people admire and appreciate her.  Others… can’t find a place for her in their world view.  So what do they do?  They burn her at the stake: over and over again, even when the futility of this action is so obvious.  She. Won’t. Go. Away.


The scorecard reads Sanders lost, but his campaign was powerful enough to pull Clinton further left and place progressive planks in the Democratic platform. Being a cautious follow, I find it hard to love an opportunist. She has a brilliant legal mind who can parse an idea so finely it almost disappears.

If she had dumped Bill in Little Rock, bundled up Chelsea and moved to NYC to practice law, she would have made many millions and millions of dollars. But love her? Ehhhh… Could there be a derringer pointed at my heart? I’ll risk that possibility – Trump must not be allowed to bullshit his way into the White House.

Stepford and Sons

Why all this praise for Trump’s family? They are very attractive robots. At times I see the Moonie look on their faces. If they are more than extensions of their dad’s ego and really wanted to help him, they would have talked him out of running for president. Trump has trashed his legacy whether he wins or loses.

To Hell With The Second Amendment. What About My Precious Ass?

Why doesn’t the government better protect innocent people from being shot? The 300,000,000 guns in the United States; laws that allow people to openly carry rifles, shotguns and assault weapons in public; no adequate background checks in place to sift out the criminal and the mentally ill – don’t these realities greatly increase the possibility of innocent people getting shot?

We have a fundamental right to be safe in our persons which is far more important than the unrestricted right to bear arms. It is apparent that society must control firearms to where the possibility of innocent people being killed or maimed by gunfire is minimized.

Quick! Come Up With A Labor-Intensive Industry That Will Employ Millions Of Unskilled Workers.

Trump, like Hitler, saw a parade and put himself in the front of it. Both the Nazis and the Trumpsters derive their major support from unemployed white males who stewed in self-pity because they thought minorities got a better shake than they deserved. Find jobs for these fellas and they won’t have so much time on their hands. They’ll let the establishment go back to running things.