MORNING KOAN from Zen Master Loo Loo

“Two monks were arguing about the temple flag waving in the wind. One said, “The flag moves.” The other said, “The wind moves.” They argued back and forth but could not agree.

The Sixth Ancestor said, “Gentlemen! It is not the wind that moves; it is not the flag that moves; it is your mind that moves.” The two monks were struck with awe.”

– The Mumonkan Case 29, translation by Robert Aitken
“Mumonkan” = “Gateless Gate”

Meditate on this tale until your skull splits open likes a walnut. Then call in sick. If you are retired, then whom do you call? Meditate on this until your feet bend over into two small fists. At this point, you’re on your own.

Today’s Hatreds. (4/29/2017)

1) Gun rights advocates who hold dear their right to bear arms while completely ignoring the right of innocent people not to get shot by
2) Jerry Jones. How many wife beaters did he draft this year?
3) The O.J. verdict. Over 20 years ago? So what?
4) Animal abusers. Sadistic cowards. Put them in prison. Make them all share a cell with a hungry lion.
5) Tiny houses. They make me want to scream. I’m screaming now. My neighbors are calling the police. You want a small space? Live out of your car.
6) The Universe: too big, too empty, way too many stars. What’s with the Laws of Nature? You gotta know some pretty hard math to understand them. Who has the time? Or the space?

What To Know Before Signing Up For A Universe.

In my universe, when you are born, you get a number. The number is not sequential. Your number is put in a time slot. When The Clock reaches your slot, your number is up. Poof.

The Clock runs on EST, not that it matters. If you meditate religiously and reach nirvana, you’ll find out your number. Not that it matters – much.

At times this system bobbles and a baby is born who doesn’t get a number – so this person’s number never comes up. This very rarely happens. Of all the events that almost never happen, this is the one of the rarest.

But we can’t conceive of all possible events that almost never happen. Then we are left with the impossible events that never happen. Maybe they are not impossible but merely events that almost never happen. How would we know?

The person born without a number could find out by paying attention, and keeping careful records..