In Defense Of “Politics”

Politics is the art and science of influencing people. It does not come in genders. There is no male or female politics.

In society, people will disagree on a particular issue. This issue gets resolved through the practice of politics. There is no other way.

One side influences the other side through either coercion or persuasion. If a guy wants to rob a convenience store, society shows its displeasure by throwing the criminal in jail. If you want to eliminate homelessness, they must persuade enough people to follow your plan.

People forget, or they’re not aware, that both sides are convinced of their moral superiority. Remember the Nazi’s delusion; killing all the Jews will save humanity.

So if you can’t convert your opponents, what can you do? You can coerce people to follow your cause, a tactic terrorists favor. Or you can persuade others their best interest is served by coming around to your point of view. This is what we like to think is the American way of influencing each other.

This is where people find politics objectionable. Appealing to self-interest seems wrong, dirty. However, almost every day you appeal to another’s best interest to get what you need as others do likewise to you.. This process, or “game”, goes on within the family, in the workplace, at church, as well as within the country – wherever people hold opposing views.

We should expect that politics, however practiced, advances the common good. Making history by becoming the first woman president seems to me, so far, Hillary Clinton’s idea of advancing the common good.

Cruz To Overhaul White House

While campaigning in Houston yesterday, Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz wondered how long it will take to remove eight years of “accumulated dirt” from the White House. If elected, Cruz stated he will order carpets, wallpaper and furniture in the family living quarters replaced, as well as demanding bathrooms and bedrooms be gutted and rebuilt, before moving his family into the Executive Mansion. Obviously, all dining service, plates, glasses, and silverware will be destroyed.

“For eight years, the Obamas handled every surface in their living space, while dropping minute particles of human discharge along the way. And don’t forget the two daughters began menstruating while their father was in office,” Senator Cruz said.

Of particular concern are dangerous germs attached to tiny bits of fecal matter that will remain trapped in the ventilation system for months after the current family leaves.

Indiana 911

Scene: Indiana 911 center.
D(ispacher): 911, may I help you?
C(aller): (Male voice) Yes, part of a satellite fell from the sky and cut my husband’s carotid artery.
D: Your husband?
C: Yes.
D: I see. Well, the gay EMS truck is on a run. They are trying to get an hysterical hair dresser down from a tree which he climbed after a night of cocaine and illicit sex. The truck can make it to your house in 30 minutes.
C: He’ll be dead by then!
D: Okay, there is a Christian truck nearby, First you both must renounce your homosexual lifestyle and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
C: Yes! Anything!
D: Write this number down: 471299-903. That’s your Salvation Number. Give that to the EMS tech, he’ll baptize the victim – say, is there a lake or a swimming pool nearby?
C: NO!
D: Just checking. EMS will be right there. Welcome to Paradise, boys!

Ted Cruz

I am overjoyed that the Honorable Senator Theodore Cruz is running for President. He has already dedicated his life to serve the Holy Sacred Rich People of our country. Why are they so? Because God favors them, God makes them better than the rest of us. Why should the Holy Sacred Rich People of our country allow the Goddamn Poor People drag them down with their pitiful demand for $15.00 per hour? The Holy Sacred Rich People could probably pay it. They might lose Precious Profit, but would it be worth it? The Goddamn Poor People would probably gamble the extra money on the pro teams that the Holy Sacred Rich People own, or spend it on crack or illicit sex. Like we need more Goddamn Poor People to support.

I think it’s great that Obamacare is disappearing. The Holy Sacred Rich People will again be able to deny insurance to Goddamn Poor People who have a pre-existing condition. The Holy Sacred Rich People have so much fun telling a Goddamn Poor Person that the Holy Sacred Rich People not paying for cancer treatment because Goddamn Poor Person had the disease before he or she was put on the insurance. Goddamn Poor People who are despised by God must either go bankrupt or die a horrible death. Frankly, the Holy Sacred Rich People don’t give a damn one way or another! Ha! Ha!


Another racial brouhaha regarding the Oscar’s: one of the red carpet girls in the pre-awards telecast cracked a bad joke about a black actress’s braided hair. The actress was “outraged” at the “racism”, etc, etc. The red carpet girl apologized, said she didn’t mean the remark to be hurtful, blah, blah.

I was watching The View and Whoopi Goldberg commented on both incidents. She said she has known RACISTS in her time and these girl’s actions don’t come anywhere near the bigotry Whoopi has experienced.

These young ladies should be corrected. The Fox girl probably should be canned for unprofessional behavior. However, they are not neo-nazis. Denying a black person a job because they are black is racist.  Throwing garbage on a black family’s yard who moved into a white neighborhood is racist. Turn down the outrage dial everybody (I am as guilty of this as anyone else)- what each girl did was stick her foot in her mouth.

…the ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnd

Sixties ha ha – shall cease — when the last of us dies. No, a major transfiguration with transubstantiation entering through the back door. To bring out the worst in us, allow me to posit: the beginning – going back to that – are all of you keeping up? Not on November 22, 1963 – most talented observers place that date the 60s started: I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts organized.

It began when the Interstate highways were completed, when the grain state, corn and wheat state universities exploded their money piles to build huge dormitories for their boys and women. About that time, Mario Salvo spoke up at Berkeley – I read TIME Magazine back then so I kept abreast. But the very instant the 60s began – was the very instant that last blob of rotted JFK flesh dropped off his bone. THAT’s when it stared – the Beatles had uplifted their minds to the slurpy, runaround God they sought. The PEAK – it lasted an hour (come on!). An hour at most. One lonely hour in over three millennia, however the message was lost when it ker-flopped into a sin hole, that’s what happened, so we or they could only go where a handful of people remember and that didn’t work.

Useless was this message. Stupid. Weak justification for hedonism. “A force of change in the world” I hear that and my guts twist so hard it’s like squeezing pee out of a towel. The previous set of words was inspired by “Star Spangled Banner” by Hendrix. The music revived the whole memory pile. What a drowned, forlorn picture I presented back then! If I don’t stop now, I’ll go clinical.

Theater Dream

I had a theater dream the other night. The show is KING LEAR – I’m playing the Duke of Cornstool, something like that. Anyway, opening night, all the actors in the dressing room are getting ready, the guy playing Lear says, “I only have 72 lines memorized”. Somebody asks, “You mean just one speech?”  Lear says, “No, I mean 72 lines scattered throughout the play.” We all laugh. No one else has any lines memorized at all! So I say, “We all know the story, so let’s just go out there and wing it.”
The house was packed to the gills, but other than a detour or two through the ODD COUPLE and DANCING AT LUGHNASA, we killed. People laughed, they cried, they set themselves on fire. And nobody noticed we were naked from the waist down and wearing mismatched socks.
I guess all we needed was an audience.