Mister Mark Comes To Terms

Find the perfect combination of pharmaceuticals – prescription only. Supplements from health food stores – very effective if you know where to look

 How do men have sex with each other anyway? Ever figure that one out? It is beyond me. Maybe they do something with dolls or something. All your life you’re told “don’t play with dolls” then they pull this sex thing on us. Sex with women is so complicated. All those pulleys and winches and scaffolding.. That and the ever present repair manual.

 Sex with another man? I talked about it one time with a guy I knew. We shared a cubicle at work. We had tons of work to do, contacts with the United States government, but we still had time to discuss life – especially after going out together to lunch for three martinis and one of his son’s marijuana cigarettes. After you share a joint with a man five days a week for 11 months, you get to know him pretty well. So we toyed with the idea of going all the way… what is all the way between two guys? Where do you put the “Thing” and for how long?  We both found this taxing so we decided just to remain friends.


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