What Did You Get For Labor Day?

Today Carol and I returned from San Antonio where we spent the weekend at the Super Duper Hyatt Hotel, which sits next to the River Of Odd. Clean is the city with smooth contours like a tall woman wearing a tight black or gray sheath. Maybe even yellow pants and a turtle for a hat.

We took in the Alamo – remember the Disney movie with Fess Parker as The King of the Wild Frontier? When I was 8 or 9 I was a Crocketteer with a coonskin cap and a flintlock rifle. I even served a term in the backyard US Congress.

Carol and I spent an inordinate amount of time in our room, #2610. Both of us were nursing sore body parts: feet, hip, back, neck, head. We chugged down the $4.00 bottles of water with glee. Water also made the Advil go down easier. We had a splendid view of the downtown: a lake of concrete surrounding tall, brown buildings that looked remarkably alike though I do not have eye for such things. Lots of commerce, buckets of fresh, clean Texas money. I wouldn’t mind living there if the just turned down the heat and humidity.


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