If you’re a man and you want a relationship lasting longer than two months, consider becoming a homosexual.  It’s very easy to do; instead of sleeping with a woman, crawl under the covers with a man.  Turn off the bedroom lights if you like.  Shut down a power grid if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Homosexual relationships generally last two years.  Within that time, you’ll meet other intersesting homosexuals. Maybe you’ll develop a homosexual relationship with another homosexual.

Did you know you can reach orgasm while having sex with a homosexual?  And he can have an orgasm with you, too!  This is immensely satisfying to both parties.

You may be wondering how you sex it up with a person who has the same equipment as you do.  It’s easy.  First, count your body holes.  Forget what usually comes in or goes out of them.  Roll all this over in your brain for 48 hours.  If the “ah, ha!” moment fails to arrive, rent a movie.


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