My Latest Band — SMOKING PENIS, Part II? “Where the hell is it?”

I don’t really understand why it’s necessary to curse.  Anyway, I have been unable to concentrate enough time WORTHY OF MY FANS on the penis project.  My depression kicked in this morning around 9:00, I have a cold, my bowel is blocked (this is the same bowel as we discussed in LITTLE SHORT).  Call it a literal “kink in my colon”.  And my back is sore.  And I have a head cold.

Unti I rid myself of at least one or two of these maladies my effectiveness as a teller of the SMOKING PENIS tale is severely compromised.

Thank you for the cards, letters, telegrams, money, cookies and candy, half-off coupons to a wide variety of restaurants.  Believe it or not, somebody actually sent me a brand new automobile!  Just a tiny baby Ford.  Mother said I shouldn’t accept it, but I am!

Better go beddie now!


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