Don’t Fly Into The Fire Clouds

People are always interested in stories about my life.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe they see themselves in me or they want me to see them – I can talk to them: I tell them about them and they tell me about me.  We should all do that for each other.  Better that then twiddling you little brown hole.

You know kids who were able to ride a bike as soon as they planted their stinky butts on the bicycle seat?  I wasn’t like that.  Seven or  eight years old when a got on my brother’s machine: my brother barked at me, “Put your feet on the pedals and push forward on them.”  Since I was heading down the sidewalk rather than up or level, pushing off was easy.  A few seconds later, I realized the huge gap in my bike-riding education —  I did not know how to stop it.  My toes barely reached the road but not enough to stop the bike.

The next tactic — find an object to run my bike into.  A car wouldn’t work.  Cars are made mostly steel and hard plastic.  Their atoms in are solid and stand tall and uniform — like a Roman legion.  Ramming into to a human being would destroy even further my reputation in the neighborhood.

Smashing my bike into a person with a body, vocal chords, and a healthy pair of lunch would be very ungood.  Consider the crime of attempted murder.  An 8 year old charged with that?  What big black checkmark in the Book Of Life that crime will draw? 

Jack Webb pledged to fly to Barberton, arrest me then take me to Central Booking.  How can I stand up to him?  Where is Cenral Booking?  I commited the deed in Akron.   Sleepy WVA?  Call this distributive justice?

The last paragraph describes a dream I had couple nights ago.  My dreams are simutaneously noble and funny.  Read more about my dreams — I start a section on this blog called DREAM CLOSET.  Send to me your precious inner night movies unless they are boring.  If you don’t know if they are boring, show it your parents, a friendly teacher, a guidance counselor or your coach if you trust him.

For now, until the screen layout is done, the dream analyses will appear in this blog italicized.  I do try to be helpful.


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