Diary Day

1) Listened on utewb –

Jungleland by What’s His Name.  Talented kid.  Poet, guitarist, band leader.  Is he a good driver?

Rock’ Roll by that Brit group.  Ragged.  They make a mistake then compound it by trying to correct it.  Bonham is a great drummer, though I hear the man is dead.  Too bad.  I’ve always thought that goddamn movie Spinal Tap – was terribly hard on drummers.  Gotta hear that thump-a-dump.

Comfortably Dumb by Goat Cheese — I made up that name cuz I can’t recall their real one.  This song which I once enjoyed now bores me from the repetition.  I know every single curve and twinkle of Guitar Solos 1 & 2.

2.  Apocalyptic News — Jesus Christ Has Returned!  O Happy Day!  The Son of Man touched down at 6:00pm EST near Jerusalem.  He is scheduled to appear in America tomorrow at 8:00 am.  Quick and Dead will be judged at noon.  Dress comfortably.

3. My side of the Multi-Cultural Festival is complete.  I got all we needed.

4. Bought L-Thenine and Smart Thought.

5. I’m tapped.

Going to bed very very soon.


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