What happened yesterday and this morning are best buried with the daily dead.  Blues singer Etta James age 73 died within the last few days.  Yes, she could sing wail-woman style with a touch of banshee and born-agins melting in the fires of almighty hell.  Who appreciates screaming more than Satan?

Wallow not in spite and anger!  You might end up with a rash.

I keep the journal because every day is different and I need to record and count them.  Plot them insde a cloud with text written on the outer wall of the cloud.  Another rebellion is brewing in heaven the cloud burped in the a few of the older angels.  They are massing, camping among the stars.

The Daily Dope — Don Davis Service for gas cap and windshield wipers.  Still needed a new headlamp and some dents ironed out so I went over to Dan Davis Body and the boss told me  they were forbidden to pull back the foreskin of the front fender to expose the headlamp.  So I must find a shop performs auto brists.

Stay too close to these funny people and your brain disintegrates into a pile of  radioactive ashes.  Nothing can grow there for 10,000 years.



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