Dead But Not Funny

I’m not too funny tonight.  Not that I haven’t tried -I just have a tired mind.  Making three people laugh before noon seems fatally impossible right now.  No danger of falling flat on my face from twenty floors off the pavement,  after which an unpleasant person strolls by and breaks goose eggs over my face and torso.

Twenty floors is an exaggeration.  My jaw falls to the table – that should be far enough to hurt without bleeding.  Absorb people into the fold, but let the conversion seem natural and voluntary.  Hold back on scaring people to their death until they’ve been inside for a year or two.  By then the recruits are securely tied to the group and easy to manipulate.

If you need a torso I can find you one.

So the duck end of day drops over the horizon.  The decision on every one’s mind, i mean every one.  Live Die or  Hurt Out or In.  Breathe Hard and Fast.  Breath out and in to the point your mouth spits out less than your rival’s.

Chelsea from CTSinternational Soup Corp bases out of Oedipus, WA. emailed me that she has a prospective job for me in Mesa, Arizona: working on the F-18 doc for a year at 51 bux an hour.


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