Out Of Breath

No postings from me since February 10!  Maybe this should disturb me more than it does; Am I committed to this blogo?  Do I want my motives shown under Light?  Crawling around the slimy caverns of the American Sewer.  Boy, I would love to hold the maps of the NYC sewer system.  Too exciting to prevent normal heart function, oh, no: I foresee cardio death: sewer maps – ahhhh – my heart explodes splintering the dining room table.

Dickle — Shut up!  Google “New York Sewer System Maps”.

Trawl  —  I know that!

Dickie — Check eBay and the precious independent collectors…

Trawl  — .Stop… STOP!

Dickie —  Gonna threaten my life again?

(TRAWL pulls out a pistol and empties it into DICKIE)

TRAWL — Oh, God.  I’m in trouble now.  (TRAWL runs off stage)


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