No Sting Here

You know what some guy said to me today? He was a stinking man who wore a very dark suit imbued with a power that pulled the little hairs from my arms. I was thunderstruck. The hairs will return to my arms, I figured, when “guy” leaves me and returns to his debauchery.

So what did he say to me? “Cicero, you better just face it son; you’re gonna die someday and it ain’t gonna be pretty”. Look, I made up my mind years ago that I am not buying into this “everybody got to go” bullshit. PROVE to me I gotta die! You haven’t got to me for 63 **c**n* years and I’m going when I’m damn good and ready, Hey, I mean it!! I’m afraid of death and I’m just not going to have any part of it.


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