Oh, My Itch!

Started here. Here is where I’ll stay. Scribble a solid sentence, one that grins from ear to ear. Sold the old man JOY a spiritual group with a bad case of  gospel-ilitis.  I got an itch for Jesus or another body falling in a transcendental fit.

Don’t leave me here.

What exactly am I up to today?  What hit me today!  Diagnosis for my heart: chronic heart failure.  If it slams into the backstop harder, without mercy, line up for my heart transplant. Follow candidates for days, then, when they’re not looking, lop their heads off.  Cry to them harvest time! Scoop out the heart and freeze it until I need it. This won’t happen of course. A far more orderly procedure is needed, all very legal.  No one drops dead with a healthy heart before they are needed.

<Links to Organ Donations sites>

<Links To Religious Sites>


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