My, my! Have you read the comments posted on certain websites concerning the last presidential election? No need for me to provide specific links — they are everywhere like a plague of locusts. All is not right in Mudville.

Having said that, Happy Thanksgiving to all!! May the white meat be moist, the dressing have the perfect balance of crunchiness and moistness, the cranberry sauce be both sweet and tart. If not, YOU cook dinner next year. Be sure not only to thank your chefs, congratulate them!

People: put down the beer, tear your glazed eyes from the TV sets, raise your lard asses off your chairs, and help the cooks. I have to help mine, or she’ll kill me. Kids: don’t be pains in the neck. Pets: find your own way inside and outside. Everybody: unless all your Thanksgiving party agree on the outcome of the last election, don’t discuss politics!

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