May I buy a bazooka?

Someone please answer this. Suppose I wanted to buy a tank, a fully equipped, battle ready US tank, complete with a highly trained crew. How would I pay for such a weapon? Loan it to me long enough to crawl through the financial district of any major American city and I’ll have the money soon enough. Why do I need a tank? To drive Carol’s grandson back and forth to school every day: any number of reasons. Is there a law against me buying a tank? A used tank, last owned by a Mexican warlord. Don’t I have the right to bear arms? And if there is a law prohibiting me from bearing a tank, isn’t this law a direct violation of my 2nd amendment rights? Extend this discussion to include anti-aircraft guns, shore batteries, and neutron bombs. If you respond, “You gonna shoot skeet with an anti-aircraft gun?” I’ll respond, “my point exactly!”


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