Sordid Deaths Of Les Misérables Haters

A kind Reader sent me an e-mail regarding my screed against critics of Les Misérables. (See previous post). She states, “do you condemn all ‘the soulless men’ to the same horrific demise, i.e., ‘dying alone in garbage bins, drowned in puddles of pig’s blood, the stink of cheap red wine reeking from their toothless mouths.’ ” Tut, tut, no! I do not condemn any fellow human to death. I have never operated that way; however I do prophesy that because of their vacant hearts they may die in squalor. I don’t give a damn if they fall off the peak of Mount Everest or they are sucked through a hole in an airline cabin at 40,000 feet. To be clear, I condemn no one, I wish no one an unusual death, not even a common, humdrum exit from life. I merely speculate their internal void may lead to a particularly grim ending.


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