Purple Headline

From CNN: If you just heard the trumpet choir playing from wherever you are on this planet… and you turned on CNN to find out what is occurring… let me just say this, the END TIMES have begun! We are told that in approximately five minutes, Jesus Christ will be stepping on Earth for the first time in over 2000 years. He’s coming in glory here in Jerusalem, the very city where he was tried and crucified – the sky is opening up – countless angels fill the sky, people flinging themselves on the ground hiding their faces… word from the Vatican, this is unconfirmed, is that the quick and the dead will be judged tomorrow beginning at noon, Vatican time… Someone is emerging from the clouds… we believe that’s Joseph, the earthly father… and now comes.. that’s John the Baptist wearing his familiar animal hides… next here — Mother Mary! Mother of God! Everyone ecstatic, tears streaming down their faces, profoundly moved… now.. now.. slowly coming down, the trumpets sound again, the earth.. earth is quaking!! I can see his feet! His ankles! — wait.. wait… there is breaking news out of Hollywood regarding Kayne and Kim’s baby pictures!!


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