The Dead Moose Party

I just saw a picture of a former kitty of mine who left this accursed planet in 1979. The planet was accursed back then, but now… we live in the Palin Era — her presence on a national ticket has forever stained our history. If she’s ever elected even Bordello Madame of the Year I’ll demand a recount, one lovely lady at a time. Why do I pick on her when we have Dumpster Dolly Salesman Of The Year Ted Cruz to decry? Because Palin killed a poor defenseless moose on TV. Now Cruz might get bad reaction if he forgets to pull up his fly before giving a major TV address. Personally, I’d be offended enough to swear out a complaint against him whether he has a penis or not. If JFK had a crystal ball back in October 1962, he might have just let the megatons drop – better a quick end to civilization than thiis long agonizing trip to the Everlasting Sewer.


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