What Akron stage actor changed his name from Irving Smetch?

I’m keeping this question open for another 5 minutes. Okay, time’s up. The answer: SANDY DENNIS! Some of you may not be familiar with her work. She was hot stuff in the ’60s. She won an Oscar in “Who’s Afraid Of Virgrina Woolf”. She also starred in “Up the Down Staircase”. Some people thought she was brilliant. Others thought she was the Method run amok. Anyway, she was a University of Akron theater grad student briefly in 1962. She only attended there for three months because she got a part on Broadway, “A Thousand Clowns”, I think. Dr. Jim Dunlap, head of the UA theater department at the time, showed me a picture of her with a couple of other grad students.

Apparently, she would occasionally dress up as a man and go out with her friends using the moniker Irving Smetch. I read this on a reputable internet site. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the site. Yes, the question was dirty pool. I just wanted to tell everyone Sandy Dennis had been a grad student at U of A without just saying that Sandy Dennis had been a grad student at U of A.


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