Close the Gap Between Wealth and Poverty

You want to redistribute the private wealth in the country? Here’s how you do it.

Millions of rich guys work up a mild sweat playing golf on Saturdays and Sundays. When they are done sinking little balls into little holes, they want to retire to the 19th hole for drinks. They sit around their cute cocktail tables, shoot down gallons of single malt scotch, brag about their new boats or sterling silver shotguns – right in the middle of that, all you got to do is spike their drinks with pure Sandoz LSD.

As their trips reach their peaks, watch how quickly they renounce capitalism and write checks with many zeroes to organizations who fight poverty. That’s the trouble with the MBA and legal beagle types. They have never stepped out of their narrow reality tunnels! Pure Sandoz LSD has a way of blasting ego boudaries to smithereens and letting in the golden light of peace, love and happiness.


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