2014 Games

I’m worried about the Sochi Games. So is Sochi and Putiin. She and the russian Prez have known each other since since Dr. Putin asked embarassing questions to Sochi after she alledgedly was deemed insane by the old Soviet courts. They’ve changed – everybody’s better now. Putin has given up- he said this morning on early morning russian radio ballet show. Yes, they radiocast ballet in Russia: you think they’re fat american pigs?

If you are watching an ice racing event in Sochi and you pull out a cell phone, 200 RUssian troops are going to empty their clips into you and the ten people sitting around you. Then the Russian troops are going to fire 200 pounds into each other because how do they know the soldier next to him is a terrorist?

I’m 65 years of age which means I am old enough to run for president. PLANK #!: Do something about this terrorist bullshit. PLANK#2: Do you know that dinosaurs are growing inside the earth and they want eat the green and leafy vegetables we have growing on our surface. They don’t care about peanuts or that crap. We got to do something about this bullshit.


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