Snowden The Spy

Snowden spilled the beans last night when he disclosed he was trained as a spy. I think this whole business is a project by the CIA to gauge the reaction of other nations, particularly Russia, to the theft of the so-called “secret” data. Snowden would report which foreign intelligence services contacted him, what questions they asked him, whom specifically did he talk to. Call this “plain-sight” intelligence gathering. This was the idea behind LH Oswald’s defection to the Soviet Untion in 1960 and his subsequent return to the USA. The CIA was behind that whole drama as well. Snowden is a willing participant in this game and will be let off the hook, i.e., the government will make a “deal”. There may be other motives behind this action, who knows? From the beginning I thought the whole Snowden story was just a little too pat.


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