NBA Finals

Let me inform you what is happening behind the scene:

I advised LeBron James and his squad to DEMAND the following condition be met or Miami wins the championship by DEFAULT:
Because of TIM DUNCAN’S felonious assaults on LeBron James, games 3 & 4 should be replayed with TIM DUNCAN’S HANDS cuffed behind his back! He thinks he’s so great, let him prove it!
After many hours of sometimes spirited discussions I had with NBA management, the league finally convinced me that replaying the two games would violate their contract with the networks and they had, with great reluctance, turn down my unalterable demand. My best friend Magic Johnson commented, “Mister Mark, I never seen you so mad!”
A man has to know when it’s time to move on, so this is our agreement reached concerning games 3 & 4:
1) The score of game 3 will be changed SA 111, MIA 110.99
2) The score of game 4 will be changed SA 107, MIA 106.99
The record will say that both games were played to triple overtime and the outcome in both cases was due to DUNCAN cold-cocking Lebron with a BASEBALL BAT!!!
They had to squeeze my PRIVATES to wring this deal from me but I thought this was best for the league and for the KIDS.
I am beside myself so I have taken to bed in a very dark room.


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