Jesus + 12?

Q: Mister Mark, I read somewhere that the phrase “JESUS CHRIST AND THE TWELVE APOSTLES”, uttered as an ejaculation of incredulity, is inaccurate. Is this true?
— Jupiter of Hamburg

A; Not to quibble, Jupiter, there were actually 14 apostles. Matthias was chosen as an apostle upon the untimely death of Judas Iscariot. However Judas had been an apostle in good standing for two odd years. Despite his perfidy, one cannot rewrite history on this matter and claim he had never been an apostle.

St.Paul is considered by Christians as being an apostle – however, the Catholic Encyclopedia states that anyone who receives a special calling from God is an apostle, which means there may have been hundreds, if not thousands, of apostles throughout history.

To say “Jesus Christ and the ORIGINAL Twelve Apostles” is clearer. This would include the Iscariot but that can’t be helped. Referring to them as the “Original” twelve does seem rather silly, so I must conclude that the statement ,” Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles”, is appropriate.


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