Theater Dream

I had a theater dream the other night. The show is KING LEAR – I’m playing the Duke of Cornstool, something like that. Anyway, opening night, all the actors in the dressing room are getting ready, the guy playing Lear says, “I only have 72 lines memorized”. Somebody asks, “You mean just one speech?”  Lear says, “No, I mean 72 lines scattered throughout the play.” We all laugh. No one else has any lines memorized at all! So I say, “We all know the story, so let’s just go out there and wing it.”
The house was packed to the gills, but other than a detour or two through the ODD COUPLE and DANCING AT LUGHNASA, we killed. People laughed, they cried, they set themselves on fire. And nobody noticed we were naked from the waist down and wearing mismatched socks.
I guess all we needed was an audience.

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