The Folly Of Open Carry

Open carry laws have little regard for their effect on third parties, i.e,, the vast majority of people who go about their daily business without feeling compelled to have a gun strapped to their hip. The laws allowing open carry assure citizens that gun-carrying people must be licensed, that felons and mentally disturbed individuals are prohibited from openly displaying weapons. So if I see a person carrying a gun in public, how do I know he is licensed, that he is not a felon or mentally ill? Am I to assume that the gunperson is following the law? Do I even know if the person has the training to handle the weapon in case they do witness a crime being committed?

Any idiot can procure a gun and any idiot can shoot it. How many innocent people will be shot to death because some “hero” decides to play Dirty Harry? Accordingly, I pledge to call the police every time I encounter a private citizen carrying a gun in the open, I will expect the police to ascertain whether the person is qualified to carry the gun. The gun carriers say they have a right to bear arms. I have the right to go out in public without feeling terrorized.

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