Another racial brouhaha regarding the Oscar’s: one of the red carpet girls in the pre-awards telecast cracked a bad joke about a black actress’s braided hair. The actress was “outraged” at the “racism”, etc, etc. The red carpet girl apologized, said she didn’t mean the remark to be hurtful, blah, blah.

I was watching The View and Whoopi Goldberg commented on both incidents. She said she has known RACISTS in her time and these girl’s actions don’t come anywhere near the bigotry Whoopi has experienced.

These young ladies should be corrected. The Fox girl probably should be canned for unprofessional behavior. However, they are not neo-nazis. Denying a black person a job because they are black is racist.  Throwing garbage on a black family’s yard who moved into a white neighborhood is racist. Turn down the outrage dial everybody (I am as guilty of this as anyone else)- what each girl did was stick her foot in her mouth.


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