Gun Control For The Umpteenth Time

The ONLY way sane gun control will ever happen in the USA: imagine an open air speech given by the president somewhere in the US The crowd is crawling with people carrying handguns openly in waist or shoulder holsters. The Secret Service cannot pay attention to all of them. At some point during the speech, a lone nut pulls out a machine pistol and kills the president, the first lady, the first kids, the first cat, the first parakeet, etc. Several gun carrying citizens pull out their weapons and start shooting at the assassin, but since none of them can shoot worth a damn, many innocent people are slaughtered while the gunman gets away. Maybe then the American people will become incensed to the point where the NRA headquarters will be burned down and gun control opponents in Congress and state legislatures must go into hiding or be flogged.

You would think that killing 23 school kids in CT might stir up enough outrage to demand a change, but it did not happen. I’m wondering if any atrocity would be bad enough to do the trick. Suppose the CT event doesn’t qualify because there were too few deaths and the children were too old. What if a madman invaded a maternity ward and shot 50 babies to death? At what point do even the so-called “law-abiding responsible gun owners” say, “hey, that’s enough!” C’mon, there MUST be a limit to the horror! Then again, I’ve always been an optimist.


5 thoughts on “Gun Control For The Umpteenth Time

  1. Or…The ONLY way sane Negro control will ever happen in the USA is if there’s a sufficiently horrific atrocity committed by them upon normal, White Americans. You would think after years and years of violence and other anti-social behaviors it might have stirred up enough outrage to demand a change, but it did not happen so far.

    Think about that when you’re calling for the curtailment of the rights of the People. Think especially hard since 41% of firearm-involved crimes are perpetrated by 6% of the population, Black males and 9% by another 6% of the population, Black females.

    Sanity, pragmatism, even rationality, will not necessarily lead one to good resolution, though it might lead to a Final Solution to a Question.


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