Education – Chris Christie Lies and Lies

Christie is not stupid at all. He plays directly into the prejudices of his audience.  No one objects to the crap he’s spewing because they all believe it’s true.

The public schools are failing in urban areas – what’s the biggest reason everybody?  Because WE have allowed families in these areas to fail. We have stood by and watched the most powerful institution in society fall into pieces.  In some areas of this country, kids are ON THEIR OWN.  The only love they get is from the local street gang.

Whose at fault?  Mothers, fathers, absent fathers, teachers, administrators, law enforcement, educational theorists, unions, the absence of unions, private corporations who feel no responsibility toward the society who support them… quick, I’m running out of ideas

There are more villains to list, but who are the easiest to pick on – the teachers.  It’s like,

“Everybody is drowning!  It’s the fault of the lifeguards!”

No. Why don’t we teach people how to swim?”

“What are you, a communist?”

Rampant stupidity has settled into the public debate on education, and there it shall remain because our current leaders don’t want to touch it.  They might have to blame the parents, i.e. the voters, for their negligence, or point the finger at the cheeses, i.e., donors and bribers, for rigging the system so that many parents have to work two or three jobs to support their families.

So what should a poor, bedraggled lot of put-upon peasants to do?  What was that last word… peasants?  Peasants don’t have power to change society, but CITIZENS do. As CITIZENS we have the power to demand superior public education and we will kick, scream, vote, and vote again and raise money and vote again and again until we get what we want – and if some fathead says, “Blame the lazy teachers!”, we know he’s lying.

Send CHRIS CHRISTIE an email and tell him we know he’s lying and you’re not necessarily a Clinton supporter. You might even be a Republican who has had enough.  Send Christie an email. He knows the truth but he’s lying to get his crummy votes. Our once great American public school system is in peril.  Don’t depend on politicians or rich people or corporate interests or academe to save it.

Only WE, the CITIZENS, can save it.


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