Yuk, Yuk, Yucca – Not So Funny Anymore

The North American Yucca Plant Love Association released the following statement: “Recent insensitive remarks made on social media attacking the Yucca have caused deep psychological pain within the Yucca community. Several Yuccas in France deliberately slid off their window sills recently, and fell onto the streets below, making messes for others to clean up. Yuccas have suffered many grievous insults and threats during its 50,000,000 years on Earth, but having these lies spread world-wide on the internet embarrasses the Yuccas throughout the entire botanical world.

We do not know yet how many other Yuccas have contemplated suicide – Yuccas are notoriously difficult at expressing emotion. But, please, in the name of humanity, stop persecuting this gentle, affectionate plant – I beg of you! “


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