Click on link below to read The Guardian article that has the whole world buzzing.

End Of Capitalism


Comment – As production costs approach zero, along with the price of goods, money can gather into one big pile, regulated by the State, rather the STATE, an AI machine buried in the moon for security. People’s needs will met at very low cost, so what will we do with the billions of people lying around with nothing to do?

We can slaughter excess population, equitably, of course. To prevent violent revolution because my group is being pushed in volcanoes faster that yours, Big Cheese will create a lottery and when your number comes up, that’s it.

Soon or later we’ll want to “stop the killing”, to allow some people to live or what’s the point of the whole thing? So what should we do with lucky ones who remain?

They can liberate their human spirits – assuming they possess spirits worthy of liberation. These newly freed spirits may be worse than what we have flying around now. Another plan: give everybody enough pocket money so they consume their free time gambling. Rig the odds so most players win at least part of the time.

Another idea: multi-billion dollar treasure hunts sponsored by Big Cheese. Make the treasure really hard to find, so thousands of people must be organized to find it. Yes, it sounds like what we have now, but with this plan you’re going straight for the money, no messy manufacturing processes or environment concerns. Groups who get feisty and cheat are simply thrown out the game.

As you have gathered by now, I am not an economist. But post-capitalism could be SEPARATING the free means of production from less serious money.


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