Violence Against Women – PINKY & WUFF

PINKY: Why didn’t women evolve so they could defend themselves better when physically attacked by men? If not bigger and stronger, they could at least be quicker and faster.

WUFF: Martial arts?

PINKY: Why the huge disparity? Most men can beat most women to death. I wonder why God or Natural Selection didn’t provide females with more protection.

WUFF: Maybe the disparity is not natural. Maybe women can defend themselves better if they are expected to when they are little girls.

PINKY: Martial arts! Yeah! Start teaching little girls martial arts at some age-to-be-determined. If parents can’t afford lessons, teach the kids how to fight dirty.

WUFF: Most important, tell the girls they have a right to defend themselves,

PINKY: Whey don’t have to be punching bags.

WUFF: Try diplomacy first. of course, talk it out like civilized people. But if that doesn’t work, Baby Cakes, kick him in the balls!

PINKY: Talk about punching bags!


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