Trump and His Eleven Million

How will a Trump administration deport 11,000,000 in two years? Why hasn’t another Republican candidate asked him that question? First one must identify the illegal aliens. Do you expect them to identify themselves? Can’t they just plead the 5th?

Suppose a policeman sees ME walking down the street. I might be an illegal alien. How would he know? He would have to stop me and demand proof I’m a citizen or at least a legal alien. I don’t carry my birth certificate with me. Maybe I should.

Ah! He could demand to see my driver’s license. But sir, I left my wallet at home. Or, I have my wallet but I don’t have a driver’s nor an ID card. I can show you my library card. Or a credit card. “The credit card company wouldn’t give you a card unless you have a social security number.” Suppose I stole the social security card to get the credit card, So they’ll get me for credit card fraud, They’ll then find out I don’t have an SSN and they’ll throw me out of the country after I serve my sentence for credit card fraud. Sure, they got me, but it took so much time and effort.

This assumes the ugly head of “probable cause” doesn’t appear somewhere along the line, forcing the police to obtain a warrant or two to get these documents in the first place and if I can’t afford a lawyer, the government must provide me with one.

Oh, Mark, use your head – the police will only stop people who look Mexican or if they wear a sombrero and a Mexican blanket. However there are millions of people who look Mexican who are actually citizens of the United States. So the police will have to stop every Mexican looking person the see and harass them the way they harassed me before the Trump administration ordered them only to question people who look Mexican.

So now this whole operation becomes crystal clear. I can be an illegal alien from Germany or the UK and I’ll get off scot-free because I don’t look Mexican. I might even be a rapist and a murderer, but since I am an illegal from a Western European nation, they’ll let that slide.

The Jews were required to wear a yellow Star of David in Nazi Germany to distinguish them from real people. So we’ll make legal Americans who look Mexican wear a little sombrero patch.

The problem is solved.


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