Not Another Benghazi Comment!

Looking back on the Hillary Clinton hearing last week, i find one her answers curious. Republican members kept asking her if she ever received requests from Ambassador Stevens for more security. She always gave the same reply – “no request from him ever landed on my desk”. She also said she never directly communicated with him.

These statements are undoubtedly true. However, did Stevens ever speak to one of her staff members who relayed the message to her, or did she receive an e-mail from him at home which she read at her kitchen table? Was she following advice she gave her clients who were about to testify – answer the question as stated and don’t volunteer information?

I have a suspicious mind. It seems her oft-repeated answer was well-crafted, an answer that would do the least damage to her without committing perjury.

Ms Clinton is an immensely capable person who will be a fine president. Great states-persons throughout history have found it necessary to fudge a little here and there, uh, “for the greater good.” My advice – do so sparingly.


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