SEXSLAVE.COM PROFILE: “A few words about me”

SWM from Texas:

Introduction: The End Is Nigh

I am 8’11, 987 pounds. I said extra padding and that’s how I look at it. However, my intelligence both delights and exasperates people. Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t been murdered.

My conversation is witty and profound. although if you want to ask me in to your house after a date, we’ll need to install steel re-enforced furniture and you really should live on the ground floor.

Not to get ahead of ourselves here, but sex with me is difficult but not impossible. it takes a little patience on your part. Just give me 24 hours notice before the assignation.

I am a bit on the wealthy side; not one of your 1% billionaires, but I could fly to Paris this afternoon, stay in a five star hotel and have a wonderful time. Don’t factor this in your decision to date me.

What do I mean “the end is nigh”? God told me ten years ago the exact date the world is going to end. Why he picked me, I”ll never know. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when. That will spoil the surprise.


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