Why do black people tolerate drug gangs operating within their communities?

The predatory urban street gangs are the source of death and misery within black communities. They supply prisons with black inmates and graveyards with black corpses. The gangs oppress blacks far more the “white power structure”, but I hear nary a peep against them from BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, President Obama, or anyone else. I hear exhortations to children to “stay of drugs” and “keep away from the gangs”, but nothing along the lines of “bust up the gangs”

Can someone explain that to me?


3 thoughts on “Why do black people tolerate drug gangs operating within their communities?

  1. If you had lived in one of those neighborhoods no explanation would be necessary, and I dislike comments that go on as long as posts, but I’ll offer a couple of brief thoughts.

    Not all gangs are predatory. And those who live in bad neighborhoods do not agree that gangs oppress them more than the white power structure. The system keeps them from getting hired, so the only places they can afford to live are in crappy, dangerous areas. But a few are able to earn their way up and out by providing the drugs white teenagers demand, selling their bodies or other forms of entrepreneurial crime. It’s terrible and tragic, but if there’s no legitimate path available, people adapt to whatever opportunities remain open to them.


  2. Let us agree that some gangs are predatory and they do oppress the black population. If blacks with help from the criminal justice system committed themselves to destroying the gangs, business people might consider moving into these neighborhoods and provide legitimate job opportunities.

    If cooperating with the authorities didn’t work, there is also street justice.

    Suppose an Irish or Italian gang decided to sell crack in their neighborhood, turning children into addicts, thieves, killers, and prostitutes: how long would take before these gangsters would be found hanging from telephone poles with their privates cut off?

    Why hasn’t this happened in black neighborhoods?


  3. The Black race is very tribal on the whole. Right or wrong, a black person will likely side with another black than to side against them…even if the other black person is wrong. There is also a strong “don’t tell whitey” element to blacks who want to brush their shortcomings under the rug. For example, I have been on some forums and black women will talk about the street harassment they have to endure from black men in their neighborhoods. Other black posters will try to pooh pooh their concerns because they just cannot admit that there’s a problem. For more insights on why black culture is the way that it is, check out the eBook “Tales from the Gutter” at the following link: https://krystalbrownblog.wordpress.com/new-e-book-release-tales-from-the-gutter/


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