First Night Flapdoodle – Ms. Trump’s Speech

Here is what happened: The speechwriters asked Ms Trump to write a first draft. She doesn’t have much public speaking experience and she certainly had never delivered a keynote speech in front of millions of people before. So she felt a tad insecure. To help her along, the writers provided her with examples of First Lady orations from the past.
Ms Trump read Ms Obama’s speech and liked it so much she borrowed from it. It was a FIRST DRAFT. The professional writers were supposed to add, subtract, and modify her words into a polished presentation. But the writers let her down. They didn’t check her draft for possible plagiarism. This should be standard practice for all clients, especially rookies
The writer designated as fall guy for this episode will keep the pencils sharp for a couple weeks then quietly let go.
Of all possible attacks on Trump, this one is small potatoes,


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