Who the HELL does this woman think she is?

Clinton’s delivery tonight was more in the moment than I’ve ever seen her and she showed a wider range of emotion.  She’d sympathize with someone’s plight, then describe the action she took to help them, ending in a steely look right through the camera. This is how TOUGH she gets when she’s fighting for someone.  At that point I realized why some people hate her so much.  In a room of, how should I describe them – men – who face this powerful will, her ferocity for people she doesn’t know, thus setting them sooooo far back on their heels their heads nearly bounce off the floor.  What do they say?

“Who the HELL does this woman think she is?”

if I were directing an actress playing Joan of Arc and she expressed uncertainty about her role, I’d advise her, “think of Joan as Hillary Clinton.”  It’s not just that she’s a woman.  She is an exceptionally powerful leader who is way ahead of her time.  Some people admire and appreciate her.  Others… can’t find a place for her in their world view.  So what do they do?  They burn her at the stake: over and over again, even when the futility of this action is so obvious.  She. Won’t. Go. Away.

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