Our Invitation To Visit You.

Carol and I would like to come down next week.  Please be at home when we get there or we’ll have to wait outside your apartment door until you show up.  Waiting for someone to arrive home does present some inconveniences.  Here a few simple requests:  First, sitting on the floor will be terribly uncomfortable.  Do you have a couple moderately padded chairs upon which we can plant ourselves?

Also, we will need several cold drinks to refresh ourselves during our wait. We both like LaCroix *Sparkling* water, either the plain or lemon flavors. You can have them ready in a small refrigerator, if you have one. If not, borrow one from your neighbor, or you could even rent one!

I really don’t want to put you out, but there is the restroom issue. Since we will be sitting in your apartment hallway, I suggest you make out a list of six or seven of your neighbors and apartment numbers so if we have to “go”, we can knock on their doors until the first one answers.

We can’t wait any longer than fifteen hours so if you don’t show up, we’ll have to see you at another time. Both Carol and I are very forgetful so you should leave a little sign like “Please take your cans or bottles with you and place them in the recyclable bin out the front door and to the left.”

I’m sure we will have a delightful visit or wait.. So we’ll see you then or sorry we missed you.
Love, C & M!



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