The Trump Sucker Punch – From Whence It Came.

Give every disaffected, angry white voter a high paying, low skill job and the Trump Phenomena will disappear like a fart in the wind. The proletariat will recommit themselves to sports and drinking, leaving government to the educated class as they have in the past.

The American dream had two paths: working your way to a higher class by education and hard work or landing a high paid union job that barely needs a high school education. The latter path disappeared decades ago.

Some of the displaced workers learned a marketable skill. Others got MAD. Rather than venting their anger on the ruling class through revolution, the GOP sought to head off real change: first, by selling snake oil trickle-down economics on the electorate. Second, by setting up straw men like abortion, terrorism, and the legitimate struggles of minorities as targets of fear.

Reagan, tea parties and Trump have exploited these fears, Trump being the latest.


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