So you are the Oncologists. To the really good Americans out there, oncologists is politically correct for cancer doctors. What’s wrong with cancer doctor? That’s what you are and until you change your name to Cancer Doctors of America, you’re not getting another dime from hard working taxpayers.  (Cheers from the “I’m with stupid” T-shirt crowd the president brings with him to all his speeches)

You ought to be called “cancer quacks”. (the president quacks like a duck. His crowd roars.) You’re all a disgrace! I know more about cancer than all of you put together. I watch all the shows. You been getting billions, billions of dollars, dollars, from the government. You have done nothing except go on expensive junkets, junkets, fancy hotels in Paris. France, France. And where’s the cure? Where’s the damn cure? You’re all a bunch of pussies out there. Especially the lady doctors. Just kidding. Just kidding. Here come the tweets!

Look. It’s very, very simple, folks. You gotta go in there, see, and kill the cancer cells, kill all the cancer cells. Every one. You got that? Every single one. Can’t leave a single one. Why can’t you do that? Some of you got Nobel Prizes. Some people have told me the Nobel Prizes are rigged. I don’t know. I hope not, but the Nobel Prizes might be rigged. Lot of money there. I bet I can pick out any three of my real American people out there (Trump people cheer), put them on it, put Ivanka on it, I’ll drop in a couple hours if I have time, and we can win this whole thing in three days, maybe five. And all you so called doctors can become vets, just stay away from my dog!! I can do it because I win! Win, win win! Thank you. You’ve been a wonderful audience! Good night.


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