Do You Stand Or Do You Sit?

Look around a football stadium on a Sunday afternoon. The band strikes up the National Anthem. 99% of the people stand, 1% remain seated. Of the 1%, how many believe in the deepest recesses of their souls that not standing is an appropriate way to protest racism? This does not compute for me but it’s not my deepest recesses we are talking about. Are the rest sitting because they are jackasses trying to attract attention to themselves, or to impress their girlfriend?

Now, let’s consider the 99% who do stand. How many deeply believe that standing shows respect for the millions of casualties of wars and great non-military sacrifices made for the good of America. How many are standing just because everybody else is?

The answer to all four questions is,of course, nobody knows. One conclusion you can draw is that all four groups are exercising their constitutional right. So you see 60,000 people exercising their freedom of speech leads me to ask – what is newsworthy about that? If you are an ardent patriot and you ask a committed protester why he isn’t standing, he may claim he is as much a patriot as you are, You can debate the question, write posts on the internet, why, the patriot may go to a BLM rally and lodge a protest there. Or you can scan the stadium full of people and say – I may not like what they are thinking, but nobody is doing anything wrong.


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