MR MARK RECIPES (Prepare tasty dishes like those big shots on the Food Network)

To make MR. MARK Mushroom soup

(a) Find a grocery store. Even if you’ve gone to the same one a million times. They might have ripped it out of the ground and moved it. That has happened before.

(b) Ask an employee where to find the mushroom soup. Get a second opinion.

(c) Look for a can that has Mushroom Soup printed on it. There maybe several different cans on display. Pick the one with the prettiest label.

(d) Stand directly in front of the chosen can. With your dominant arm, reach, reach to the can, “Reach, reach, reach for the stars. Here comes Jupiter, here comes Mars!” For a final touch, as you extend your arm toward the can – grunt.  Grunt loud and proud!  Everybody LOVES a grunter.


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