Not Everybody Wants To Be Free

Call me crazy but I think millions of Americans have lost faith in democracy as a form of government. They would prefer a strong leader, a dictator, not temporarily either. In their heart of hearts they want to chuck the Constitution and replace it with an authoritarian government.

Many Americans won’t admit it, but they don’t want democracy. They hate it. They find it rotten at the core. The inclusiveness needed for popular government, the idea that all people are created equal, freedom of expression, separation of church and state,  that everyone has the right to vote – they simply don’t believe it – they never have and they never will. The US has always had people who believe this way. Now it looks like half the country does and their conviction on these matters is very strong.

The situation is far beyond waiting for Trumpism to fade away, Even if he loses, people will still yearn for another “Leader” to “fix everything” and someone else will come along to take up the cause. It’s not the billionaires, or the establishment the malcontents want to bring down. It’s of the People, by the People for the People.

Don’t give me any of that the government is not responsive nonsense. We have Senators and Representatives. And they will listen to you if they want to keep being elected. But the citizens put little or no pressure on them so Congresspersons work for the special interests, What’s everybody’s solution? Term limits. Replace one group of people you won’t hold accountable for another.

So how will democracy perish from the earth? The people’s indifference.


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