We’ll Spam Them To Death! Next Step Of The Resistance

The Electoral College let us down so we are left to our own devices. These devices are our computers with internet connections and cell phones.

The mighty numbers of The Disaffected can be organized as a network of cyber-attackers, emailing millions of empty messages to different government offices everyday, crashing their servers. Flooding their phone lines with nonsense calls. Every hour of every day.

Focus on offices involved with building the stupid wall, deporting illegals and registering Muslims. In the same spirit, do the same to Trump’s private properties, especially the hotels. Impede their ability to take reservations. No reservations, no money.

Perhaps computer experts know of more sophisticated techniques where millions of connected computers and cell phones can wreak havoc. Organize “cyber” mass demonstrations. No need to take buses to Washington, DC and camp on the Mall. Just send an email or two a day and make a couple of phone calls,


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