Old Rubber Snake #1

Today I received an email from an old friend of mine – M. Lackey Wubberfark.

Wake up,  Mark!

I’ve been in a real slump lately.  You know how good I am filling my pill pack every week. I take 20 pills a day. Eleven in the morning, three at noon, and four at night, Does that add up to twenty?  My pill pack is, then, is 7 little cups times 3 little cups. I put the pills in the right cup and I’m good.  I can shake out exactly seven of each pill, exactly the same number I need to fill a row.  

If  I’m feeling brave, I’ll shake out 14 pills at a time and cover two weeks! Two weeks ago I did a complete three week, twenty-one day Sowcow! Last week I did a Sowcow but with 4 1/2 rotations with slight bobble at the end that only cost me a half a point.

Today, though, I couldn’t pull out seven at a time. I had to put in all 140, one pill at a time. Very discouraging, but I will never quit! I’ll compete in Professional Pill Packing until I give myself the last overdose.

Did you melt down your car last weekend?

My blood pressure meds are kicking in and I’m ready to drop over.

Your Good Buddy, Lack”

Some times a little thing can be a big thing and a little thing can be a little thing. Whoa, that’s not right… A big thing can be a horse.  Okay?

Until Next Time,



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