What To Know Before Signing Up For A Universe.

In my universe, when you are born, you get a number. The number is not sequential. Your number is put in a time slot. When The Clock reaches your slot, your number is up. Poof.

The Clock runs on EST, not that it matters. If you meditate religiously and reach nirvana, you’ll find out your number. Not that it matters – much.

At times this system bobbles and a baby is born who doesn’t get a number – so this person’s number never comes up. This very rarely happens. Of all the events that almost never happen, this is the one of the rarest.

But we can’t conceive of all possible events that almost never happen. Then we are left with the impossible events that never happen. Maybe they are not impossible but merely events that almost never happen. How would we know?

The person born without a number could find out by paying attention, and keeping careful records..


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