The Donald Gets His Trumpupance.


You are like one of those cowards who buys a Medal of Honor from eBay then shows it off as if he had earned it.

You had your flunky call the female senator from Alaska to threaten her state with a cutoff of federal funds if she didn’t vote for that sham of a health care bill.  She voted against it anyway.  You sure scared the hell out of her!

And then, Senator John McCain came into your life.

You mocked the five-and-a-half years he spent in agony as a POW.  During those same years, you suffered from exhaustion hopping from one sorority girl to another. You said you stayed out of the draft because you drew a high lottery number.

That was a LIE!

You pretended to have a sore little footsie.  So you got to stay home, pay others to take your exams, and enter your daddy’s business.

Years later, you conned your way to the White House by claiming to be the hero of the working class.

You tried to jam a perverted Death Scare bill down our throats and you nearly did.

Except you encountered a real hero, Senator John McCain, now gravely ill.  He gave your trashy legislation thumbs down and it is gone for good.

Reality always wins, especially in matters of courage.  A fraud like you prospers far too long until single, brave, sick, old man gives you thumbs down.

Since January, the air has been dank, motionless, poisonous, full of dread.  It’s clearer now.  Over time, the air will begin to move even more and drive you, your hate and stupidity away for good.



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