Home Fire Works

Another post on the legendary WordPress.com: I am chilled.  Trepidation haunts my thinking when I contemplate my whole blog disintegrating into quarks and strange attractors.  This is way way undercompensated by the strong urge to purge, i.e., to lay my gifts at your feet — whoever you are.  I want to show what I have to offer and this is my platform 30000 feet off the ground and I fall on a spear left from one of the former wars — a javelin from a track meet.

We are staying in for Fireworks: no desire does either of us have to fight hellish Texaco Heat nor tangle with a crowd or two.  We  have a wonderous firework display planned for inside our home.  Our ceiling is tall enough and we have enough room for an 1812 Orchestra — they are in the master bedroom now.  The cannon just went off — I need my helmet and flack jacket.  Join the 1812 Overture later?