Gun Control Plan – 1/20/2013

This seems the right time to roll out at least part of my plan for sane gun control. Let’s start with a few basics – the 2nd amendment. Our Founders lived in the era of the single shot musket. It look at least a minute for a trained soldier to load and fire a small lead ball three feet. If our forefathers ganged up to rob a modern convenience store with muskets, but with the same fire power of today’s weapons, at least thirty minutemen would have to squeeze into the small store and form a firing line around the front counter with their weapons pointed at the bewildered clerk.

“Stand and deliver,” the lieutenant would cry. The proceeds of the the robbery would be, let’s say, around a $120, that is, 4 dollars per man. They would then retire to the nearest tavern, have a couple drinks and call it a day. Nowadays, it’s different. Enough preamble: let a governmental body institute a lottery. For every a gun you turn in, you get a lottery ticket. The collection period lasts for 60 days and then you have the drawing — one ticket, one winner. The prize: one Billion dollars. Have this lottery once a year, twice a year, however long it takes, until we have a SANE number of guns in this country. Hunters can take up the bow and arrow, the spear, throw rocks at the damn elk.


One thought on “Gun Control Plan – 1/20/2013

  1. “Our Founders lived in the era of the single shot musket.”

    This is true, but they thought in principles which have nothing to do with a 30 round magazine.

    The most fundamental and basic principle behind the 2nd Amendment is that a country with a highly armed populace is less likely to succumb to pure totalitarianism. The 20th century is nothing if it is not a record of governments first disarming people and then murdering them by the millions.

    If you read the Federalist Papers then you must inevitably come to the conclusion that the Founders if they were alive today would all be fans of the “black rifle.”


    Who Needs An Assault Rifle?


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